Lateral Integration Testimonials

David Zambito, Esq., Saul Ewing, Harrisburg, PA

“As a lateral coming from a government position, David Freeman helped me think through ways that I could best utilize contacts made with private industry during my tenure with the government. He understood the sensitivities involved with the transition and was mindful of delicate issues, including ethical limitations and internal firm politics. While landing clients ultimately depends on good old-fashioned hard work, David Freeman Consulting Group helps you focus your time and efforts on marketing techniques that have the highest likelihood of success. The training has proven successful for me. Best of all, David understands that marketing should be fun and invigorating.”

David Peterman, Head of the Houston office Corporate, Banking and Business Section, Fulbright & Jaworski LLP

“David Freeman Consulting Group does for me what I do for my clients. My clients call me because I am doing deals and solving problems all day and every day. That is what we lawyers do. We listen to our client’s problem, ask them questions, and make suggestions, all based on the knowledge and experience we have from doing this sort of thing every day. Often the real problem and the solution reveal themselves as a result of the discussion. David Freeman has done the same thing for me with respect to business development and networking. I call him because this is what he does every day. Every discussion seems to start off the same way, then David asks the same questions, and before I know it what was a jumbled mass of real or perceived opportunities have materialized into a short list of tangible objectives and action items. David is like a personal trainer for business development.”

Andrew J. Lauer, former Partner, Thelen Reid Brown Raysman & Steiner LLP, New York

“As a former long-term in-house attorney, I was very skeptical about my ability to sell my services and build my practice. I got off to a pretty good start, but once I met David my business development really took off. David helped me think out of the box while also focusing me on my business plan. Most importantly, he helped me set realistic short term goals and pushed me until I achieved them. He’s always available with good advice and great ideas, and he really encourages me to succeed. Even his nickname for me –“the marketing machine” – had its intended effect of motivating me to even higher achievement. He also helped me realize that there are various angles by which to approach an opportunity and that diversity of sales approaches is hugely beneficial. It has also been amazing to learn how many doors I can open with mere calls and emails!”

” When I went into private practice, I was an Of Counsel to my firm with virtually no clients. Just three years later, I’m a Partner in my firm, with a thriving seven figure practice – and still going strong. David was certainly a key player in that success story.”