Leadership Testimonials

Carl Fridy – Partner-in-Charge of the Transactional Finance Group, Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP

“I have had the beneficial experience of participating in separate business development and leadership training sessions organized and led by David Freeman of David Freeman Consulting Group. I found both of them to be extremely valuable in terms of the content presented and the depth of focus on the subject matter of each program. They were also both enjoyable and challenging because of the varied methodologies used to present the material. Of added value has been the personalized counseling that has followed each of these programs which has served both to personalize the subject matter to my specific situation and to encourage the implementation of the plans and strategies developed in that process. Participation in the leadership program has already led to a significant enhancement of the business development activities of the Practice Group which I head, and I have found much of it to have been readily transferable to other of my partners who did not participate in the program directly.”

William Rheiner – former Department Chair, Business & Finance Department, Ballard Spahr Andrews & Ingersoll, LLP[divider_fancy]

“When we started working together I was extremely impressed with your approach to customize the process and implementation to the specific needs of our department. This contrasted very favorably with other providers who seemed to take off the shelf product and try to adapt it. The training and planning meeting that you led so capably got our practice group leaders to discuss and make important decisions on leadership issues. In addition, it led to a commitment of each group leader to create and set forth a schedule for implementing group marketing plans. What has set you apart, I believe, from the run of the mill consultants is your unbelievable commitment to following up with each of the leaders for months after the workshop. I can’t stress enough how your kind and helpful follow-up has helped them move their varying initiatives to implementation. It has been a delight to work with you. You are sensitive to the needs of lawyers and their time commitments and we greatly appreciate all the help you have given us.”

Frank Chmielewski, MA – Vice President, Client Development, Cooley LLP

“Blain Banick is a trusted colleague, mentor and friend. I had the pleasure of working for and alongside him at Gray Cary as we built our litigation marketing function and prepared for what was then the largest law firm merger in history. He builds successful teams with measurable results, often bringing together multiple departments on long-term, important projects. Blain continues to demonstrate significant market leadership in a field where strong leaders matter.”

Mark Price – Director of Marketing, Antitrust Group, Dechert LLP

“Over the past few years at my prior firm, David provided leadership coaching to a number of our practice group leaders and, more recently, members of our marketing department (very helpful!). In all cases, people appreciated his style and approach and they reported they received significant value from working with him. I would highly recommend David to anyone looking for help in business development or leadership.”

Rhea F. Law – Former President and CEO, Fowler White Boggs., Tampa, FL

“Over the six years we have worked with David, he has established a high level of trust and credibility with our management team and lawyers. He is very effective at tailoring his approach to our firm’s specific needs. David has been a valued partner in our strategic planning, client development training and leadership development program. Most recently, he provided our practice group leaders with the framework and personalized consulting that helped them become more effective in leading the revenue-focused activities in their groups. The result is that all of our practice groups have been able to get more buy-in, action in the right direction, continued momentum, and most important, additional business.”

Deborah McMurray – CEO and Strategy Architect, Content Pilot, LLC and Fellow of the College of Law Practice Management & Legal Marketing Association Hall of Fame Inductee

“I have worked with Blain Banick at several firms where he has served as the Chief Business Development and Marketing Officer. He has a strong vision for firm growth and a strategic approach that includes mastery of financial and technology systems and assets. He is a strong, articulate communicator – both when given time to prepare something, and when having to contribute to a discussion “on the fly.” Blain cares enormously for the law firms for which he works – he has a tremendous work ethic, loyal and professional and he is a dedicated mentor to his teams.”