Retreats / Speaking

Travis Larson, Legal Industry/Business Advisor, ALA Greater Chicago Chapter

“Based on the evaluations collected, you scored 3.8 out of 4; a great response to your presentation to our Chapter in July 2013. Comments from the evaluations are below:
• David Freeman was very informative, I very much enjoyed his presentation.
• Engaging.
• Great strategies!
• Lot of material in short time. Well done.
• Good bullet points.
• Entertaining, informative and kept it moving.
• Ideas you can implement easily.
• Excellent.
• Well paced. Well done!
• Would love to have him back on a drilled-down topic.
• Chockfull of great info. Love it!”

Stephanie L. Franklin-Suber, Esq. Co-Chair, ABA Minority Counsel Program

“Thank you so very much for serving as a Facilitator of our Interactive Workshop on Business Development on Thursday, October 3, 2003.

Your efforts, your time, and your commitment contributed greatly to the huge success of our 2003 Fall Meeting, October 2-3, 2003 in Chicago, Illinois. Your presentation and remarks during the panel discussion were insightful, constructive and helpful. Thanks to you, we have received nothing but praise about the workshop! Please accept this informal expression of our deep gratitude and appreciation. We could not have had a successful Fall Meeting without you! Your contribution was invaluable.”

George Magnatta, Saul Ewing LLP, Philadelphia, PA

“David’s advice for me as a practice group leader was extremely valuable, especially around designing and delivering our group’s annual retreat. He was an excellent brainstorming partner who helped me think through some of my most challenging planning issues. His relentless focus on achieving higher levels of performance was properly balanced with an understanding of the people issues involved in getting everyone on the same page and engaged in the mission. The result was an action-oriented, high-energy meeting that has us focused as a group and committed to working together to achieve our common goals.”

Angela Flowers, Chair of the Florida Bar Appellate Practice Section

“I am writing to tell you what a wonderful retreat we had under your leadership. As Chair of The Florida Bar’s Appellate Practice Section, I was responsible for arranging a workshop designed to define the Section’s direction for the next few years. We had held a retreat three years ago with the same goal in mind. Although we had achieved some success through our prior retreat, the experience had been disappointing. This time we were looking for someone who could relate to a group of lawyers and understand our needs.

You were the ideal person for the job. Not only are you versed in the language of lawyers, but you took the time to understand our needs. You guided us through a well organized and very productive workshop. The feedback I received from the attendees included praise for your skill as a facilitator as well as for you as an individual. We accomplished a tremendous amount in a relatively short period time and are already reaping the benefits. Thank you for making the Appellate Practice Section’s 2003 Retreat a huge success.”

Jim King, Chief Operating Officer, Fowler White Boggs, Tampa, FL

“Our firm has worked with David for over six years, in which time he has helped us in many ways. He has designed and led strategic planning meetings, spoken at our retreat, worked behind the scenes to create a coordinated planning approach for our practice groups, and many times over the years conducted client development training sessions for our lawyers.”

“David’s work has always been very well accepted by our firm despite our historically consultant-averse environment. His perspective as a lawyer enables him to craft ways for lawyers to accept, and be motivated, to implement change. I believe his work with our long-range planning committee was a catalyst for many of the changes our firm is currently implementing.”

“He has always proven to be a valuable planning partner, and is totally committed to our success, which he constantly demonstrates by offering regular ongoing advice and support, including between professional engagements. We have confidence in his integrity and knowledge, and I would highly recommend him to any firm looking for ways to enhance their performance.”

Fred Fulton, Corporate and Securities Department Leader, Thompson & Knight, LLP

“David is energetic and takes charge of a room. He is the perfect moderator for a retreat. From developing a program to following up on next steps, David is able to keep the momentum going months after the retreat is over. We have enjoyed our sessions with David and look to his expertise for many of our new endeavors. We highly recommend David for his ability to work within a firm’s culture and move ideas to tangible efforts.”

Charles E. McCallum, Chairman, TerraLex, A World-Wide Network of Independent Law Firms, and Fellow, American College of Law Practice Management

“At the recent TerraLex Americas Regional Meeting, David Freeman gave an outstanding presentation to more than 125 delegates. As Chairman of TerraLex and as a former Managing Partner of my own law firm I have attended presentations by many law firm consultants. This was one of the best. The research David presented opened our eyes to the uncomfortable fact that many lawyers are not aware of their weaknesses or strengths in client relationship management and practice development. He also offered simple and practical advice on how law firms can improve their performance in these critical areas. His Culture X-ray® was a picture that was better than a thousand words of the usual law firm management consultant advice.”

Lawyer feedback comments, Real Estate and Banking Practice Area Retreat, Thompson & Knight LLP

“5 out of 5. He’s direct, smart, no bs, to the point, focused. He does not waste our time. He does not say in three hours what could be said in ten minutes. Compared to some consultants we’ve had in the past, that’s very refreshing.”

“Regarding David, I give him a 5. I think he is an excellent speaker and excellent facilitator.”

“I give David a “5” ranking. I thought he did a good job facilitating the discussion and attempting to reduce the suggestions to concrete steps that will be easier to implement.”

“I think David is very skillful at getting people to generate ideas out of nothing, and then develop them into specific action steps. He was also very good at staying on point and focused on the goal.”

Betiayn Tursi, former National Marketing Director, Loeb & Loeb LLP and Editor-in-Chief, American Lawyer Media Law Journal Newsletters Marketing The Law Firm

“In over 25 years in the legal industry, I must say I’ve never met anyone quite like David. His ability to communicate with lawyers, to get them to make commitments around marketing, is a rare gift. The magic was in the preparation and design that led our lawyers to uncover literally tens of millions of dollars in both new business opportunities and existing client business prospects.

Another important factor was his flexibility. Having a design and leader who was nimble enough to allow the group to move in a different direction was hugely empowering for our lawyers. The result was a room filled with focused partners who were highly engaged and motivated to act. In part due to his influence, our firm recorded its most profitable year.”

Feedback from a retreat at a West Coast firm of over 100 lawyers

“Freeman was excellent. The marketing tips given by him were very valuable.”

“I thought the (Freeman) had very useful information. He motivated me.”

“The business development presentation on Saturday was terrific. I’ve attended many presentations on the same topic, but this was by far the best.”

“Freeman was outstanding!”

“Freeman I thought was very good and his handouts effective for future use.”

“One of the things I like about our retreats is that they often get me enthusiastic to get going on some idea presented at the retreat. The marketing presentation did that.”

“I really liked the client service presentation by David Freeman where he presented many real-life situations and habits to grow my business.”

Martin Scott, VP & GM, Storage and Networking Division, Agilent Technologies, Inc.

“The Storage Networking Division of Agilent Technologies, Inc. Semiconductor Products Group recently engaged David Freeman to run a two-day strategic planning session for our leadership team in my organization and the results exceeded my expectations. He did an excellent job of designing the meeting and facilitating our team. The result was that in just two days, we agreed on a realistic 12-month process improvement plan, with commitments in place to ensure that we complete our initiatives.

David is also dedicated to our success on an ongoing basis. He continues to follow up and offer advice on keeping the process of implementing our plan alive. We have truly enjoyed working with David and would highly recommend him to organizations that are actively working on strategic planning.”

Beecher Hunter, Executive Vice President, Life Care Centers of America

“David Freeman was a key player in our company’s visioning exercise — the development of a five-year plan. He helped us examine every aspect of our organization’s culture, operating philosophy, policies, programs and initiatives, determine the value of each and implement changes where needed. Not only were the outcomes important to us, but the process itself was very beneficial, for it involved virtually all disciplines throughout our company in the decision-making, which gave instant ownership to the key result areas and their goals.”

Steve Fallek, VP of Strategic Planning, Zurich North America Insurance Group

“Over many years, David and his team made significant contributions to the Zurich family of companies in the areas of strategic planning, maximizing cross-selling opportunities, reorganization, and developing a sales management system. He has been a valuable planning partner, and has designed and led meetings with our senior executives where we achieved consensus on creative solutions for difficult strategic issues, and committed to action steps that would drive us toward achieving our desired future. David also helped us build tools to manage the execution of these actions.

One of his strengths is the customized approach he takes to each engagement. He was also very conscientious and creative in his preparation for and facilitation of meetings. We particularly appreciated his ability to present challenging concepts like the Balanced Scorecard in an easy-to-use manner that had immediate application for our businesses.”