Business Development

Greg Curry, Marketing Partner, Thompson & Knight LLP

” David Freeman has provided our Firm with a variety of consulting services over the years, including individual and group business development coaching and retreat facilitation. His focus on the fundamentals and his ability to generate concrete action steps and follow through resonates well with our attorneys. Our partnership with David has resulted in re-energized lawyers generating successful results in relationship building.”

David Zambito, Esq., Office Managing Partner, Harrisburg PA office, Cozen O’Connor

” As a lateral who came from a government position, David Freeman helped me think through ways I could best utilize contacts made with private industry during my tenure with the government. He understood the sensitivities involved with the transition and was mindful of delicate issues, including ethical limitations and internal firm politics. While landing clients ultimately depends on good old-fashioned hard work, David helped me focus my time and efforts on marketing techniques that had the highest likelihood of success. The training has proven successful for me. Best of all, David understands that marketing should be fun and invigorating.”

Reuben D. Rosof, Partner, Gardere Wynn Sewell LLP

” David Freeman has helped me establish a business development system that fits my personality. He taught me to be aware of what to listen for in business development meetings, how to maintain consistent communication with clients and members of my firm, approaches for setting up personal meetings with clients and prospects, and ways to explain what I do in a manner that fits my audience. I gained a lot from this investment.”

Holly Lentz Kleeman, Director of Marketing, White and Williams LLP

” David worked with my firm leadership and coached individual lawyers to maximize their business development potential. Three years later I still hear David’s wisdom from the mouths of those he coached at the firm. His ability to meet each lawyer where they are, and then move them toward more sophisticated, strategic thinking is truly his gift. But he does not stop there. His continued work with my lawyers pushed them to take action, and own both what they achieved and where they fell short, learning along the way. David is honest, candid, and motivational. Our firm has benefitted greatly from the work we did with David, which has made my work as Director of Marketing & Business Development that more effective.”

Richard Wolf, Former Chief Operating Officer, Parker Poe LLP

” I have known David for approximately 15 years. I had the opportunity to see the impact of David’s work at one of my prior firms, and recommended that he be engaged by two other firms I subsequently joined. As a COO who is responsible for maximizing financial results, David has proven to be an asset who has shown our lawyers how to confidently and effectively pursue their best opportunities.”

Thomas W. Turner, Jr., Managing Partner, Procopio

” Having seen many business development consultants come through our doors over the years, I must say David Freeman was one of the best we’ve ever used. His nuanced understanding of how to help lawyers provide better levels of service and grow their practices was outstanding, and his coaching has been extremely well-received by our lawyers. Lawyers relate to David not just because he is a licensed attorney, but because he applies a refreshingly realistic, down to earth and practical approach to the subject.”

Peter Kellett, Chairman and CEO, Dykema

” When it comes to business development, David Freeman is superb. He brings a cost-efficient and confidence-inspiring approach to the challenging task of improving law firm business development practices. He has a deep understanding of today’s competitive legal services industry, and knows how to teach busy practitioners how to compete and win. Secrets of the Masters is a robust compilation of his thinking, supplemented by the wisdom and experience of more than two dozen top-flight legal marketing experts. I highly recommend David for any organization looking to grow its business, and any lawyer looking to build his or her practice should have a dog-eared copy of this report on their bookshelf.”

Jolene Overbeck, Chief Marketing Officer, Hogan Lovells LLP

” David worked with us on one of our practice group retreats and it was my first introduction to him. I was impressed with his broad business development knowledge but particularly with his ability to generate interaction and discussion with our lawyers, so I brought him back several times to conduct additional business development training sessions. The feedback from his programs has been exceptional, and I look forward to finding more opportunities to utilize his skills in other areas of the firm.”

Tia Atchison, Marketing Director, Ulmer & Berne LLP, Cleveland, OH

” David Freeman has been a tremendous help to me in creating the right coaching strategy for my attorneys. A few of our practice teams have recently gone through a restructuring and lateral recruiting phase, and David has been able to help with new ideas on how to market both the ‘practice’ and the ‘attorney’. I’ve also had the good fortune to work with David twice at law firm marketing seminars. On both occasions, I found David’s workshop topics and approach to be extremely relevant to the needs of my attorneys and my firm – and the dynamics he brought to the table was amazing. I highly recommend him for individual, group, attorney or business development staff coaching.”

Robyn Forman Pollack, Senior Associate, Saul Ewing, LLP Philadelphia

” David has been extremely helpful as my marketing strategist and coach. My goal was to increase my exposure and visibility with respect to potential referral sources in my industry to facilitate business development. With David’s help, I have succeeded beyond my expectations! David provided a springboard for me to create a women’s networking group that enables me to interact with my target network on both local and national levels. The contacts have snowballed and I am building excellent relationships with key individuals. I couldn’t have found a more successful way to rapidly gain visibility and credibility, and the best part is that David helped me to identify an opportunity that I am passionate about pursuing. What I thought would take years to develop is occurring much more rapidly and the group that I have developed has opened doors and given me access beyond what I ever thought possible.”

Marc Cooperman, former Managing Partner, Banner & Witcoff, Chicago

” After working with David I have recommended him enthusiastically to others in my firm. His prior experience as a lawyer is evident in his flexible attitude, and creative (but realistic) brainstorming approach. He’ll look at a situation from many angles until one fits my specific style and goals. Each conversation I have with David provides me with new approaches and insights into creating opportunities I had right in front of me.”

Barbara Kaplan, Marketing and Client Development Consultant; Former Director of Marketing, Saul Ewing LLP

” I highly recommend David Freeman. My former firm used him for several years to train associates, partners, and new laterals. He is an attorney himself and can walk in their shoes. His process and techniques are meaningful and memorable. In fact, many of the attorneys have, over the years, requested refresher courses, and only from him. David’s business development skills netted new and increased business for them and gave them the courage and tools to go after it in a way that fit with their individual skills and personalities.”

Randy Crispen, Partner, Luce, Forward, Hamilton & Scripps LLP, San Diego

” I just completed my last business development coaching session with David Freeman and wanted to let you know that I found him to be extremely useful in helping me to set up a system for maximizing my contacts with potential sources of business and refining my personal business plan. I highly recommend that we continue to use David where appropriate for training and coaching in the area of business development, and perhaps in other areas such as client service and leadership.”

Blain Banick, Director, Global Practice and Industry Groups, Baker & McKenzie

” David Freeman approaches business development training from a high-level, strategic perspective, but delivers a program that is both actionable and results focused. We provided him with a different type of training challenge (how to help turn marketing staff professionals into effective internal business development sales coaches) and he delivered exactly the type of program we needed to make our Marketing team more successful with our attorneys and groups.”

Roberta Montafia, former Chief Marketing Officer, Day, Berry & Howard

” I’ve had the pleasure of working with David over the past 2 years as he has provided training to our partners and counsel. There are several things that differentiates David from other business development trainers and coaches – mainly his focus on practical application and follow up. Too often a trainer will come in, present a session and disappear leaving the attorneys to quickly revert to business as usual. David’s emphasis on continued coaching results in the attorneys applying their new found skills and actually developing business. David has been uniformly well received and respected throughout the firm and has forged a solid working relationship with the Marketing and Business Development staff that allows us to customize training sessions for various audiences. Bringing in David to augment the services our department provides has proved to not only be efficient, but has added to our standing within the firm.”

Charles Boettcher, Partner, Thompson & Knight LLP

” I just read the article that the ABA Journal published on you in the June 2007 edition, and I recognized many of the techniques and strategies, as I have experienced good success with many of these since our sessions. Bottom line, I credit my experience with you with a resulting boost to my client relations and development habits and practice that has yielded good results for me and the firm in the past couple years.”

Reuben D. Rosof, Gardere Wynn Sewell LLP

” David Freeman and I have been working together for about two years, and he has been an excellent coach. Through trial and error, he has helped me develop a business development system that fits my personality. Some of the specifics skills and habits he has helped me with are as follows:

  • Awareness – knowing what to look and listen for in various business development meetings, part of that involves homework before the meetings
  • Consistent Communication – maintaining consistent communication with contacts even when work is very busy
  • Concierge – helping people whenever I can whether it’s finding them a babysitter, recommending a vacation spot, or sending a relevant newspaper article
  • Personal Meetings – setting up personal meetings with clients and prospects (onsite meetings are the most desirable)
  • Elevator Speech – explaining what I do and making sure it is adjusted properly to fit the audience (it sounds easy but it’s not)

I have gained a lot from the firm’s investment. Thank you for bringing David to the firm.”

Feedback from Participants at a Cross-selling Training Program for an NLJ 250 Firm

” David has a good way of reducing his message to simple, basic concepts that are easy to understand and implement. I liked the practical aspects of the presentation. It provided actual, thoughtful steps rather than esoteric concepts. I liked the discussion among the group, it was helpful to hear from others. David is a must-see/hear for anyone interested in learning to be more successful about business development. I would absolutely recommend him. Loved it!”

Feedback from Business Development Speeches Given at the 27th Annual Meeting of The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (rated 3.93 out of 4)

  • This was worth coming to Florida to hear Mr. Freeman. I feel like I have learned tools to revitalize my career. Thank you to whoever asked Mr. Freeman to speak.
  • He was excellent. Knowledgeable, personable, enthusiastic. A pleasure to listen to.
  • Very inspiring speaker.
  • Wonderful speaker! Great tips!
  • Good presentation style and presence.
  • Very informative and ideas on implementation.
  • Excellent presentation – content highly useful and can be integrated immediately in practice.

Cindy Haynes, J.D., Director of Attorney Training and Development, Fulbright & Jaworski

” It is a truly outstanding moment when I meet a consultant who walks the walk, and David Freeman presented me with that moment! I was blown away by his ability to provide relevant, applicable, and personalized advice after just 10 minutes of Q&A during a coaching session. He is also a dynamic and engaging presenter who adapts his experience and knowledge to the unique and deeply specific needs of his audience. Our group learned practical approaches to business development that could be immediately applied.”