Develop Your Future Talent

Proactive firms understand that it takes more than substantive training to develop highly effective associates and new partners. They realize their future is dependant on the next generation’s ability to master the arts of leadership, management, team effectiveness, business development and client service.

The Associate/New Partner Leadership Training Series can help your lawyers refine these skills. Each interactive training workshop provides an overall framework, along with extremely practical techniques, for developing and implementing important competencies possessed by highly successful lawyers. In the months following each workshop, participants are encouraged to utilize the skills in order to ingrain them as lifelong habits. Workshops can be delivered as standalone sessions or can be scheduled three to four months apart to maintain the momentum of an ongoing learning culture. Each program includes:

  • Pre-planning with your training staff to match the program to your desired outcomes.
  • A customized interactive workshop with breakout group discussions that focuses on specific tactics and takeaways they can use immediately in their practices.
  • Flip chart brainstorming exercises that captures ideas from the group for future use.
  • Personal action planning worksheets to help participants identify next steps.
  • Where applicable, a post-session group conference call with participants and firm leaders to capture action steps, share best practices, and discuss challenges and successes in order to keep skills top-of-mind.

Workshop Programs

Practice Development

  • The Five Habits of Successful Business Development for Associates
  • The Five Habits of Successful Business Development for Partners

Client Service

  • The Five Pillars of Client Service


  • Lateral integration techniques
  • Business development for laterals

Associate Leadership and Management Skills: Workshops can include the following topics

  • Running effective meetings
  • Leading and participating in teams
  • Delegation
  • Building social networks/communication skills
  • Motivating others
  • Coaching and feedback
  • Managing conflict

Summer Associate Training Programs

Many firms are also searching for ways to demonstrate their level of commitment to associate candidates. Our Summer Associate Training Programs allow your summer associates to sample the kind of support you will provide if they choose to join your firm. These programs, which are scaled-down versions of the workshops described above, send a very tangible message about your firm and its dedication to ongoing associate development.