Dramatically Increase Law Firm Cross-Selling


Transform your Marketing and Business Development professionals into world-class coaches!

Cross Serving® is one-of-a-kind technology that gives your Marketing and BD team a “paint by the numbers” system for coaching cross-selling.

Automated Coaching Dashboard
  • Instantly turns Marketing and BD professionals into expert cross-selling coaches.
  • Hundreds of tips and prompts.
  • Simple to use.
  • Moves lawyers into action.
  • Encourages more client feedback.
  • Automates reminders.
  • Tracks progress.
  • Demonstrates ROI.
  • Eliminates costly lawyer training.
  • Customizable.
  • Cloud-based and scalable.


No Setup Fees, No Ongoing Consulting Costs, Swift Onboarding

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This unique technology creates super-coaches in minutes:

Conduct Client Research Example

As easily as 1… 2… 3… 4:

  1. A Marketing/BD team member enters a specific cross-selling opportunity into the software for a specific lawyer.
  2. A video call is scheduled with that lawyer.
  3. Using prompts provided by the software, the Marketing/BD team member coaches that lawyer through distinct phases of the cross-selling process.
  4. Notes and action commitments are entered into the software, and follow-up calls are scheduled to continue the coaching and to hold the lawyer accountable.

Cross-Serving® creates a triple win for:

Marketing & BD Teams

  • No need to become experts in cross-selling before using this – by just following the steps and prompts they become masterful coaches.
  • Minimal learning curve – within an hour they can be up and running.
  • Automatically captures lawyer progress, pinpoints sticking points, and identifies efforts by specific groups.

Lawyers & Law Firms

  • Provides a structure and reminders for lawyers to pursue cross-selling opportunities, as both givers and receivers.
  • Improves internal collaboration, strengthens firm culture and captures revenue that could be lost to other firms.
  • Encourages lawyers to solidify client relationships by asking for more, and better, client feedback.

Law Firm Clients

  • Receive higher levels of service by being asked for feedback and by having the firm act on that feedback.
  • Deepens the relationship with the firm by bringing in more lawyers to address their issues and proactively identify opportunities.
  • Enhances institutional knowledge of their needs which could lead to better overall outcomes.

Firms using the Cross-Serving® software can:

Instantly become experts at cross-selling

Deepen relationships with key clients

Capture new sources of revenue

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