Quickly and Effectively Integrate Your Laterals

In today’s market, acquiring productive laterals is an important growth strategy. Best-of-class firms use lateral integration techniques, planning, training and coaching to maximize their investments in these important (and expensive) assets.

Firm-Wide Lateral Integration

We show firms how to develop a more systematic approach for attracting, keeping and maximizing their lateral talent. Effective lateral integration requires thoughtful coordination from many parts of the firm, such as intelligent scouting and hiring, coordinated efforts from key firm leaders, improved communication, cross-selling, aligned compensation, customized training, planning and coaching, and proper goals and measures. With our help, firms develop customized plans for improving the ROI on their investment in laterals.

Business Development Training and Coaching for Laterals

In many firms, new laterals arrive ill-equipped to develop a book of business that justifies their cost. Many laterals become discouraged (especially those who come from government or in-house positions), often because they don’t have the skills to build on their opportunities or navigate the inevitable challenges.

We specialize in providing business development training and coaching for laterals. Our customized training programs are packed with practical techniques that have earned laterals millions of dollars of new business. Some examples include:

  • A former in-house lawyer who built a seven figure book of business.
  • A former government lawyer who turned his contacts into clients.
  • A new lateral who developed a pipeline of referral work from lawyers within his new firm.

To help new laterals generate more revenue, our experienced trainers and coaches show them how to:

  • Create a solid business development plan.
  • Establish key internal relationships to generate cross-selling revenue.
  • Effectively reach out to their contacts to attract new work.
  • Nurture great referral sources.
  • Develop techniques for staying top-of-mind with important prospects.
  • Refine their selling and client service skills.

In-House Alternative to Lateral Training and Coaching: CMOplaybook™

As an alternative (or supplement) to receiving external support from our trainers and coaches, we have developed a self-paced, internally managed program that combines the knowledge of 28 experts in business development. The CMOplaybook personal rainmaking system provides new laterals with hundreds of proven techniques for building an exceptional book of business. To learn more about this exceptional “welcome-to-the-firm” training program, click here.

Lateral Group Strategic Planning

Firms that have absorbed many laterals can feel more like a group of fiefdoms than a unified partnership. To overcome this “hotel for lawyers” mentality requires collaborative efforts that align the personal interests of new laterals with overall group and firm goals.

Lateral strategic planning sessions can be an effective forum for addressing potential issues and identifying joint opportunities. Our highly experienced consultants can design and deliver a group planning session that develops a blueprint for greater integration, cross-selling, and collaboration between legacy lawyers and recent laterals. The result will be a unified plan that describes action steps, timelines, and accountability for increasing revenue, camaraderie, and cooperation within and between groups.