Customized Leadership Programs

Law firms need leaders, real leaders, to effectively manage, protect, and grow the business.

The problem is, most leadership positions are filled with lawyers who’ve never learned how to lead other lawyers, who don’t work together as a team, and who have other priorities (billable hours, clients, and prospective clients) that command more of their attention.

To fill this leadership gap, we offer Client and Revenue Focused Leadership Training and Coaching services. This program shows your Lawyer-Leaders how manage others so they can improve their client relationships and grow revenue. It is a practical, street smart approach, customized to meet the needs of your firm and each leader, that can lead to a healthier, and more profitable culture of business development in your firm.

Why Coaching in Addition to Training?

True change comes from what leaders do, not from what they hear. The real work begins after training workshops, when leaders actively apply the lessons learned. To help your leaders navigate their unique set of circumstances, challenges, opportunities, skills, and areas to develop, we provide months of personalized, one-on-one leadership coaching. As a result of the coaching, we help leaders ingrain new skills, accelerate implementation, and drive new levels of business development within and across groups.


By employing a customized Client and Revenue-Focused Leadership initiative, you can:

– Increase the quality and quantity of business development activity throughout the firm
– Get others to deliver higher levels of client service
– Develop new rainmakers
– Introduce best practices from other law firms and industries
– Set standards and establish cultural norms
– Accelerate and improve leadership decision-making
– Gets things done better and more quickly
– Align business development with strategic goals
– Enhance the overall culture of client development
– Save time and expense by engaging in on-site training programs

Examples of Results

– Increased business development activity within groups
– Enhanced communication, collaboration and cross-selling across groups and offices
– Realistic, action-oriented marketing plans
– Inspired action on group and individual plans
– Increased personal accountability
– More effective, action-oriented group meetings
– Well-defined group goals and measures
– Aligned rewards and recognition to motivate desired behaviors
– Clarified roles, responsibilities and authority as leaders
– Increased effectiveness of new leaders
– Improved delegation
– Improved coaching and feedback skills

Who Should Participate?

These programs are specifically designed to support leaders who are responsible for guiding the business development activities of lawyers and staff such as Managing Partners, Executive Committee Members, Department Chairs, Practice Group/Industry Group/Client Team Leaders, Office Managing Partners and other major initiative leaders.

Program Delivery

– Conduct interviews with selected leaders to understand the big picture and learn how to blend our approach with your existing culture
– Conduct a firm-wide business development culture survey and leadership debriefing
– Customize and deliver an interactive training workshop and brainstorming session specifically focused on the needs of your firm/group
– Initial one-on-one meetings with each leader to begin building customized action plans
– Provide (as needed) templates for group and individual planning
– Conduct months of individual telephone coaching scaled to each leader’s skill and needs
– Participate in leadership group conference calls

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