A Comprehensive Methodology

A law firm is no place for the one-size-fits-all approach. Every lawyer is different, and each brings a unique set of experiences, skills, desires, challenges and perceptions on how to build their practice. The job of a highly skilled trainer and coach is to help each person develop approaches that can guide them toward fulfilling their potential.

To that end, we provide customized training workshops, personalized planning and ongoing coaching that gets your lawyers focused on acheiving their short, medium and long-range goals. By helping them to develop an intelligent mix of marketing, selling and client service skills, your lawyers can establish solid habits that can result in a sustainable, thriving practice.

Tangible Results

Graduates of our programs have achieved many of the following outcomes:

  • Created personalized business development plans
  • Generated new revenue from existing clients, new clients, and referral sources
  • Identified and acted on internal cross-selling opportunities
  • Acquired new client development skills and techniques
  • Increased the quality and quantity of business development activities
  • Maximized opportunities from ten powerful networks
  • Enhanced their effectiveness at seminars and conferences
  • Used speaking and writing to develop new matters
  • Finessed meetings with prospective clients
  • Enhanced their effectiveness when meeting with potential clients
  • Established a stronger personal brand and the ability to communicate it
  • Developed methods for staying top-of-mind with important contacts
  • Enhanced client service

Customized Training, Planning and Coaching For Everyone

Our programs can be designed for equity and non-equity partners, of counsel, associates, laterals, and marketing professionals in firms of all kinds and sizes. Based on the needs of your groups, each lawyer’s level of experience, sophistication, and motivation, and the goals of your firm, we can build approaches that utilze one or more of the following tools:

Business development skills training introduces essential tools and skills that will result in increased client development activity. Presented as a highly interactive workshop, our “Five Habits of Successful Business Development” approach provides an overarching methodology along with practical tactics for lawyers at all stages of their careers.

Individualized planning helps your lawyers, perhaps for the first time, understand the big picture of business development. Using a pre-planning questionnaire, along with live and/or ongoing coaching, we map out an approach for building a sustainable and fulfilling practice.

Implementation coaching is the magical alchemy that transforms information into skills, and skills into ongoing action. Lessons learned and opportunities identified will be kept alive through persistent, regularly scheduled coaching calls. Months of telephone coaching will keep lawyers accountable, ingrain skills, improve personal planning, develop new approaches and establish enhanced business development habits.

Program Delivery

      • Co-design of a customized training program
      • Interviews with selected leaders and rainmakers
      • Delivery of a half-day interactive business development workshop
      • Support in developing customized plans with each participant
      • Months of telephone coaching
      • A full group debrief conference call
      • Free coaching for selected marketing staff

Co-design of a customized training program. No two firms are exactly the same, so we design each program based on your specific needs. We will work together with your marketing professionals to co-design an approach that meets your strategic goals.

Interviews with selected leaders and rainmakers. To continue the customization process and to incorporate firm culture into the program, we are available to interview marketing professionals, selected leaders, and key rainmakers in order to include home-grown marketing success stories into the workshop.

Delivery of a half-day interactive business development workshop. We will design and lead a half-day session in which your lawyers will learn practical, easy-to-utilize skills that can be immediately applied to their business development activities. The workshop will provide a cohesive framework, full of insights and useful tools, and will provide a solid foundation for increasing the frequency and success rate of their marketing activities. At the same time, they will begin to build their customized plans by identifying opportunities in different categories of business development. This interactive session supports fast implementation while also establishing the basis for long-term success.

Support in developing customized plans with each participant. Development of personalized plans begin prior to the workshop and continues with months of follow-up telephone coaching. Each lawyer’s plan will be developed based on their unique circumstances, taking into account their level of sophistication, experience, capabilities, motivation, and goals. It will also cover a range of activities, from short-term sales opportunities to longer-term marketing and client service initiatives.

Months of telephone coaching. Follow-up coaching is the major driver that ingrains concepts presented during the workshop, stimulates new behaviors, supports development of customized plans, and keeps participants focused on accomplishing their goals. As coaches, we act as marketing conscience, strategist, teacher, sounding board, and reminder system by helping participants prepare for upcoming opportunities, brainstorm new approaches, learn from their experiences, and stay accountable for acting on their commitments.

A full group debrief conference call. Reviewing lessons learned from the entire group is a powerful way to deepen understanding, share best practices, and uncover new opportunities. To support these outcomes, we can participate in a conference call with the full group anytime after the workshop in order to facilitate this discussion.

Free coaching for selected marketing professionals. Marketing professionals can use coaching as much as your lawyers. Therefore, as a value-added extension of our commitment to your firm, we are available to selected members of your marketing staff to act as a sounding board for any issues they would like to discuss, regardless of whether they relate to this specific program.

Maximizing Business Development for Laterals

Few populations have as much immediate business development potential as laterals. For the firm and the lateral, the ability to convert this potential into profitable business can often determine the eventual success of the relationship.

Many laterals are discouraged, however, especially those coming from government or in-house positions, because they don’t know how to build on their opportunities or navigate the inevitable challenges. By providing specifically customized support to these laterals early in their tenure, you can significantly improve their chances for success. Our coaching and/or training programs can help laterals in a number of crucial areas, such as:

    • Offering new services to their existing clients
    • Developing a fertile pool of new clients and referral sources
    • Maximizing cross-selling
    • Overcoming major challenges such as building key internal relationships, establishing internal credibility, living up to unclear expectations, integrating into the new culture and acquiring new skills