Reuben D. Rosof, Gardere Wynn Sewell LLP

” David Freeman and I have been working together for about two years, and he has been an excellent coach. Through trial and error, he has helped me develop a business development system that fits my personality. Some of the specifics skills and habits he has helped me with are as follows:

  • Awareness – knowing what to look and listen for in various business development meetings, part of that involves homework before the meetings
  • Consistent Communication – maintaining consistent communication with contacts even when work is very busy
  • Concierge – helping people whenever I can whether it’s finding them a babysitter, recommending a vacation spot, or sending a relevant newspaper article
  • Personal Meetings – setting up personal meetings with clients and prospects (onsite meetings are the most desirable)
  • Elevator Speech – explaining what I do and making sure it is adjusted properly to fit the audience (it sounds easy but it’s not)

I have gained a lot from the firm’s investment. Thank you for bringing David to the firm.”