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David H. Freeman, J.D.

Founder & CEO


Award-winning author and consultant David H. Freeman, J.D. teaches lawyers how to become powerful rainmakers so they can attract great clients, multiply their income, expand their influence in their firms, and achieve more satisfying careers.

A former lawyer from New York, he is a two-time, all-time, best-selling author (overall, he has authored and coauthored 15 books on business development, cross-selling and leadership) and he was inducted into the National Law Journal Hall of Fame for being voted the #1 business development consultant and coach for three consecutive years in their national surveys.

Full bio

David is a former practicing lawyer, innovator, and the award-winning CEO of the David Freeman Consulting Group. He is the founder of Law Firm CultureShift®; creator of the Culture Xray® (an automated survey tool that assesses a firm’s culture of business development); developer of Lawyer BookBuilder®, an online course that teaches lawyers how to become exceptional rainmakers; and developer of breakthrough technology that automates cross-selling coaching for lawyers (Cross Serving®). For nearly 30 years, he has trained and coached well over 10,000 of lawyers and leaders at hundreds of law firms world-wide, including nearly half of the Am Law 200.

David is a two-time, all-time, best-selling author, he is in the National Law Journal Hall of Fame for being voted the #1 business development consultant and coach for three consecutive years, and he is a highly regarded speaker, consultant and trainer. He has authored and co-authored 15 books, and his four solo books on law firm leadership and business development are:

  • Creating a Cross-Serving Culture Shift: Mastering Cross-Selling for Lawyers and Leaders (Best-seller of 2015)
  • Secrets of the Masters: The Business Development Guide for Lawyers (Best-seller of 2013)
  • The Law Firm Leader’s Reference Guide for Creating a Business Development Culture
  • Weekly Reminders for Revenue-Focused Leaders

David has produced highly regarded video tips on leadership and business development, and he wrote an ongoing leadership column for Marketing the Law Firm. He has authored numerous articles on management, leadership, client service, strategy, and business development for major legal publications such as ABA Journal, ABA Law Practice Magazine, Of Counsel, The New York Law Journal, Law Firm Leadership and Strategy Report, ALA Legal Management, ALA Currents, Managing Partner Magazine, Law Firm Partnership and Benefits Report, Professional Marketing Magazine, LexisNexis, Law 360, NALP Foundation Report, LMA Strategies and Law Firm Governance.

David is a highly rated speaker, trainer and consultant who presents at law firm retreats, law firm networks, bar associations, law schools, and international, national, and regional law firm leadership conferences. His expertise in his field has been recognized by his peers as follows:

  • A member of the National Law Journal Hall of Fame
  • Selected as a Fellow in the College of Law Practice Management
  • Selected as a “Trusted Advisor” by the Professional Development Consortium
  • An “Expert in Residence” for the NEXL community of lawyers
  • An adjunct consultant with Altman Weil
  • Co-Chair the 2010 Annual Conference for the Legal Marketing Association (LMA)
  • A former member of the Board of Editors for Marketing the Law Firm (an American Lawyer Media publication)
  • A former member of the Education Committee of the Legal Marketing Association

Key areas of David’s practice include:

  • Business development training and coaching for lawyers at all levels.
  • Client service training.
  • Revenue-focused leadership training and coaching for firm leaders.
  • Retreat facilitation, speaking and collaborative planning sessions.
  • Cross-selling training and planning sessions.
  • Automated coaching technology to drive cross-selling.
  • Business development culture assessments.

David also brings a deep understanding of how to engage the organizational and human factors that drive successful implementation. For three years, he was a change management, strategic planning and Balanced Scorecard consultant, engaged by corporations such as Sun Microsystems, Zurich Financial Services, Agilent Technologies, and Olin Corporation.

While the ultimate measure of success is helping lawyers and firms generate more revenue, there are two ways David knows he’s on the right track with his clients: 1) while exploring mindsets or new approaches, they say something like “Hmm, I’ve never thought of that before”, and 2) when they are implementing their personalized strategy, they say “You know, this is actually a lot of fun!“.


Fordham Law School, J.D., 1982
SUNY Binghamton, B.A. Economics, 1979

Representative Engagements

Business Development Training and Coaching

  • Delivered customized business development training, coaching, and planning programs for partners, counsel, and associates in hundreds of Am Law 200 and mid-sized firms
  • Custom-designed cross-selling workshops for partners in mid-sized and Am Law 200 firms
  • Designed and delivered customized associate business development training programs for numerous firms
  • Coaching lateral partners on how to maximize their integration in their new firms

Retreats and Planning Sessions

  • Facilitated and identified over $60 million in prospective business opportunities at a partner retreat
  • Delivered several cross-selling workshops for partners that identified millions in new business opportunities
  • Designed and led meetings of internal task forces charged with sustaining cross-selling activity
  • Delivered an interactive, customized client service training session for an Am Law 40 firm
  • Designed, spoke at, and facilitated planning for entire retreats at several firms
  • Facilitated long-range planning for a large Southeast firm
  • Facilitated a strategic marketing plan for the litigation group of an AmLaw 200 firm

Leadership Training and Coaching

  • Custom-designed training and coaching programs for several large and mid-sized firms that helped leaders become more effective “sales managers” (developed group plans, enhanced cross-selling, accelerated implementation, etc.)
  • Built and delivered leadership/management programs for senior associates preparing for partnership for several firms
  • Designed and moderated a program with four managing partners on styles of leadership needed by today’s lawyer

Client Service Training and Consulting

  • Conducted collaborative client service planning session for an Am Law 200 firm and a significant client
  • Delivered programs on developing high performance client teams at various firms and conferences
  • Designed customized client service training programs delivered at various offices of several mid-sized and large firms
  • Devised a proprietary firm-wide culture survey to uncover gaps in service, leadership, and business development for many firms

Speaking Engagements


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“Creating a Cross-Serving Culture Shift: Mastering Cross-Selling for Lawyers and Leaders – Author

“The Law Firm Leader’s Reference Guide for Creating a Business Development Culture” – Author

“Secrets of the Masters: The Business Development Guide for Lawyers” – Author

“Business Development in a New Legal System” Co-Author

“Weekly Reminders for Revenue-Focused Leaders – Author

“Growth Strategies for the Modern Law Firm” – Co-Author

“Building Rainmakers, An A to Z Guide to Business Development for Lawyers” – Co-Author

Law Firm Marketing Leaders: Tips from a Collection of Experts” – Co-Author

“The Lawyers Guide to Strategic Practice Management” – Co-Author

“The Client Management Toolkit for Law Firms” – Co-Author

“The Lawyer’s Guide to AFAs and Value Pricing” – Co-Author

“Smarter Lateral Hiring for Law Firms” – Co-Author

“Optimizing Client Service: Delivering Value and Enhancing Experience” – Co-Author

Creating a Client Service Culture in Professional Services – Co-Author

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