The easiest money firm’s are NOT making …

Cross-selling is the holy grail

Hands down, cross-selling is one of the fastest ways to generate new revenue.

So why do so many firms allow millions of dollars of work to slip through their fingers and end up with their competitors?

Because cross-selling is a surprisingly complex process, and most firms have not developed the right systems and skills to capture that revenue. Successful cross-selling requires finesse and discipline to balance interpersonal and organizational dynamics with approaches to properly nurture client relationships. In our interactive workshops, which are based on our all-time, best-selling book, we demystify the process and demonstrate what makes cross-selling tick.

Training & planning

Our training and planning program reveals the real obstacles to cross-selling, identifies practical methods for overcoming common challenges, uncovers your best cross-selling opportunities, builds specific action steps for getting started and generates agreement on ways to maintain ongoing implementation. 

These programs teach lawyers how to excel at cross-selling by showing them how to:

  • Surface their hidden barriers.
  • Shift their behavior by reframing “cross-selling” to “cross-serving”.
  • Increase internal trust.
  • Enhance internal and external communication.
  • Obtain more client feedback.
  • Reach out to clients in ways they will welcome.
  • Become more effective in cross-selling meetings.
  • Provide higher levels of client service.
  • Become more effective leaders.
  • Build better teams.
  • Devise the right measures.
  • Establish systems to drive ongoing activity.
“David Freeman has a keen understanding of the art of cross-selling and the benefits it brings. His professional background and experience allows him to articulate the case for team-centered business development in a way that motivates and inspires even the most reluctant professional. If you engage David, you will improve teamwork within your organization, and surely grow your business.”
Peter Kellet, Chairman and CEO, Dykema

Implementation using Cross Serving® technology

Learning new skills and developing solid plans set the stage; now it’s time to act.

Cross Serving® is a new breed of technology designed to move lawyers into action by providing Marketing and Business Development professionals with the tools to become extraordinary cross-selling coaches.

This electronic coaching platform provides a simple, progressive approach for coaching lawyers how to pursue their best cross-selling opportunities. Firms using the Cross Serving® system can increase revenue, deepen client relationships and encourage internal greater collaboration.

The Cross Serving® electronic coaching platform provides: 

  • A step-by-step blueprint for each stage of the cross-selling process.
  • Automated prompts to remind coaches to move lawyers to the next stage of the process.
  • A five-step process for coaching lawyers to engage in client feedback.
  • Automated progress tracking for each initiative to minimize lost opportunities and eliminate cumbersome spreadsheets.
  • The software can receive information from your billing software to capture revenue.
  • Customization to match your firm’s needs.

Benefits for key stakeholders:

For individual lawyers

Decodes the mystery of cross-selling and collaboration.

Reminds users to move opportunities through the pipeline.

User-friendly design increases ongoing engagement – no more manual spreadsheets!

For the firm

Significantly increases highly productive cross-selling activity.

Solidifies client relationships.

Encourages internal collaboration and strengthens firm culture.

Automatically tracks lawyer activity.

For clients

Increases and deepens their connection with the firm.

Saves time and energy working with one firm for multiple matters.

Gains multiple touch points resulting in greater institutional knowledge.

With the right approach, you can capture millions in new revenue

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