Client Service Training

How to “Wow”

Delivering exceptional service

What is truly great service? How do we, as a collection of individuals working together in a law firm, consistently deliver extraordinary experiences?

Great service is not just a “nice-to-have”. In a fungible world where poor service and spotty communication are often the reasons why lawyers are fired and where client focus is a key factor for getting short-listed and hired, client service is a critically important part of any intelligent client development strategy.

“We have worked with David over several months to launch a client service and cross-selling initiative. His innovative mix of providing virtual training, consulting with our leadership team and administrative staff, gamification and a deep focus on driving ongoing implementation have delivered tremendous results. I can truly say that without his help, this wouldn’t be happening.”
Jessica Lyon, Executive Assistant at Vicente Sederberg LLP

“The Five Pillars of Client Service”

The reality is that service is as varied as the number of lawyers and staff in a firm. Like any bell curve, a small group are great, the vast majority could improve if they were better trained and managed, and some (sigh) may never get it at all.

Our “Five Pillars of Client Service” training program shows participants how to become true masters of client service by understanding five foundational elements:

  1. Build strong relationships.
  2. Deliver added value.
  3. Demonstrate extraordinary responsiveness.
  4. Anticipate needs.
  5. Become one with a client’s business.

Virtual workshops

These interactive virtual workshops demystify the process of becoming trusted advisors by demonstrating practical techniques for building a loyal following of clients and referral sources. The program delivers valuable tips to partners, associates and staff, and can be customized to align with your goals and existing initiatives.

As a result of the workshops, participants will have:

Develop a comprehensive framework for delivering exceptional service.

Learn scores of immediately usable tactics to take their service game up to the next level.

Share their best practices and develop personal action plans to drive ongoing implementation.

Client service skills training that turns clients into raving fans

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