Culture XRay® Survey

Know your culture Transform your firm

Uncover the DNA of your firm

The Culture Xray® survey is a powerful diagnostic tool that allows leaders, perhaps for the first time, to get a snapshot their law firm’s culture of business development.

By anonymously surveying your lawyers in eight major categories of client development, you can pinpoint specific areas that need attention. You will uncover your gaps and shine a light on your strengths. You will have evidence to convince partners that focused action needs to be taken in key areas. In short, it can provide powerful insights to help you craft highly targeted initiatives that can raise your firm’s performance.

“At a TerraLex Americas Regional Meeting, David Freeman gave an outstanding presentation to more than 125 delegates. As Chairman of TerraLex and as a former Managing Partner of my own law firm I have attended presentations by many law firm consultants. This was one of the best. The research David presented opened our eyes to the uncomfortable fact that many lawyers are not aware of their weaknesses or strengths in client relationship management and practice development. He also offered simple and practical advice on how law firms can improve their performance in these critical areas. His Culture Xray® was a picture that was better than a thousand words of the usual law firm management consultant advice.”
Charles E. McCallum, former Chairman and CEO, TerraLex – A World-Wide Network of Independent Law Firms

Highlights of the Culture Xray® survey:

It’s simple

It involves very little work for the firm or your lawyers. The survey contains only 41 statements, is fully automated, and can be answered in minutes.


It goes beyond marketing to cover a range of leadership, management, and business development issues you may not think of on your own.

And comprehensive

You can view the data from dual perspectives: In eight key categories of business development and from lowest to highest scores.

And best of all … it’s free!

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