Business Development Training & Coaching

Transform your lawyers into remote rainmakers

How are you helping your lawyers adapt?

Do your lawyers know the new rules for competing in this COVID-influenced market?

Do they have the right mindset, the right methods, the right measures and are they taking the right actions to obtain new work?

Prepare your lawyers for a virtual world

As firms navigate this new virtual mode, their lawyers must excel in three critically important areas:

1. Develop new strategies

2. Learn remote sales skills

3. Sustain implementation

“Hiring David was a home run for us. We have used a variety of coaches and trainers focused on a variety of target groups (young producers, top producers, declining producers, etc.) – David is the first one that has been able to customize his system and approach to hit each individual’s target. He started with us several years ago, and our top producers and BD folks don’t ever want him to leave (including me). He is fantastic.”
Jay Felton, Executive Committee Member, Lathrop GPM LLP

Comprehensive & customized virtual training programs

A law firm is no place for “one-size-fits-all”. While there are fundamental elements that serve as a foundation for success, we understand that every lawyer and every firm is different, and each brings a unique set of skills, desires and perceptions to how they can build their practice.

To that end, we provide customized training workshops, personalized planning and ongoing telephone coaching to help lawyers establish a comprehensive set of skills and habits around marketing, selling, and client service that can result in a thriving, sustainable practice.

Our workshops create greater engagement, deeper learning and drive more action by using tools like virtual breakout rooms, flipped classrooms, group cohorts, quizzes, videos, polling, group chats, collaborative brainstorming, peer coaching, interactive exercises, simulations and learning by doing.

Our programs can be designed for equity and non-equity partners, counsel, associates, laterals and marketing professionals in firms of all practices and sizes.

Personal coaching to support implementation

Personal coaching is the magical alchemy that transforms training into skills, and skills into ongoing action.

We start by engaging lawyers in a comprehensive planning process, which, perhaps for the first time, allows them to fully grasp what it takes to be successful. The planning then translates into step-by-step actions that build into a highly customized approach for crafting a sustainable and fulfilling practice.

Ongoing telephone coaching usually continues for five months, during which we keep lawyers accountable, ingrain new skills, improve personal planning, develop fresh approaches and establish new business development habits.

Program structure & methodology

The main elements of our training and coaching programs include:

Co-design a customized training program


Conduct interviews with selected leaders and rainmakers


Deliver interactive virtual business development workshops


Develop customized plans with people to be coached


Provide months of ongoing telephone coaching


Offer free coaching for selected marketing professionals

Transformational outcomes

  • Create personalized business development plans
  • Build a stronger personal brand and the ability to communicate it
  • Acquire new client development skills and techniques
  • Generate new revenue from existing clients, new clients and referral sources
  • Identify and act on internal cross-selling opportunities
  • Maximize opportunities from ten powerful networks
  • Enhance their effectiveness at seminars and conferences
  • Use speaking and writing to build new relationships
  • Excel at meetings with prospective clients
  • Stay top-of-mind with important contacts
  • Improve their ability to deliver exceptional levels of client service

Unleash the inner rainmaker

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