Changing the Game with CultureShift®

Every management committee is asking the same question – how do we enhance our firm’s culture of business development?

The answers to this question are as varied as there are law firms. Some try a series of disconnected, piecemeal approaches – a little business development training here, a firm retreat with a luminary speaker there, a sprinkle of client feedback meetings, mixed with a mandate from the Managing Partner to deliver higher levels of client service.

While these activities may produce temporary gains, they rarely change long-term organizational behavior. The real solution lies in creating a comprehensive, self-sustaining culture that attracts and retains great clients, appeals to top lawyers, and inspires talented staff.

Law Firm CultureShift®

Changing a culture, particularly in a law firm, requires exquisite finesse to effectively integrate people, processes, training and technology. If you’ve ever tried to change a culture, you’ve probably run up against a laundry list of roadblocks – low motivation, siloed practices, dysfunctional groups, lack of trust, inefficient teams, ineffective leaders, poor communication, misaligned compensation, weak selling skills, unclear goals and measures, inconsistent client service, minimal accountability, and inadequate follow-through.

The CultureShift® approach is an overarching architecture, an integrated framework that embeds an ethos of business development into all parts of the firm. Using the CultureShift® methodology, firms develop effective leaders, enhance rainmaking skills, engage in collaborative planning, encourage higher performance, change behaviors, improve teamwork, develop better client service systems, utilize technology, align incentives, and consistently drive ongoing implementation.

CultureShift® can inspire your lawyers to engage in high impact business development activities. It starts with a solid master plan, an organizational blueprint for implementing your desired changes. From there, you drill down to strategies and develop specific action steps that include goals, measures, and personal accountability. Depending on your needs, the CultureShift® process can help you:

– Develop senior leadership buy-in and commitment
– Recognize and address primary “Culture-Killers”
– Develop effective “sales management” skills in your key leaders
– Enhance the rainmaking skills of your lawyers
– Accelerate cross-selling between groups and offices
– Improve planning and performance in practice groups
– Receive client feedback and deliver higher levels of client service
– Improve lateral integration
– Develop higher performing client teams
– Choose the right goals and measures
– Align your compensation systems
– Utilize supportive technology
– Efficiently integrate internal professionals and external service providers
– Develop tracking, reporting and measuring systems to drive ongoing implementation
– Make business development as ongoing part of your culture

Our Unique Capability

Few consulting firms are capable of bringing our level of focus, skill, experience, and comprehensive services to this type of project. We deeply understand the needs and challenges facing law firms, and for nearly twenty years, we have consulted, trained, and coached thousands of lawyers in hundreds of firms world-wide in virtually every area of maximizing revenue.

In addition to consulting with law firms, Mr. Freeman has worked as a Balanced Scorecard/change management consultant to major corporations. This combination of deeply understanding law firms, with an awareness of how to change cultures, makes us uniquely qualified to help you design and implement a firm-wide, sustainable solution.

It is our mission to get firms focused and energized to create truly vibrant cultures of business development. To learn your firm’s unique business development culture, we invite you to utilize our complimentary Culture Xray® assessment tool. To schedule your survey, call us at 949-715-0819, or email

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Successful law firms of the future will live and breathe marketing, client service and business development. The race will be won by early adopters and proactive visionaries who create cultures that encourage and support winning behaviors. Whether you need an overall culture “makeover” to infuse new life into the firm, or have very targeted revenue-generation issues that need to be addressed, we can work closely with your firm to craft tailored approached to help you achieve more  of your potential.