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Sales management skills for revenue-focused leaders

Do any of these look familiar?

  • Siloed groups and offices?
  • Sporadic cross-selling?
  • Uneven lawyer motivation?
  • Resistance to change, cynicism, and lack of trust?
  • Inconsistent client service?
  • Poor internal communication?
  • Spotty implementation?
  • Misaligned comp and rewards systems?
  • Underdeveloped sales management skills?
  • Lack of time devoted to leadership?

If you want to achieve more of your revenue potential, it’s time to make these disappear.

Turn your group leaders into revenue-focused leaders

Let’s just say it out loud … if you truly want to maximize your firm’s revenue, your leaders must become highly effective sales managers.

The problem is, while every law firm aspires to create a dynamic culture of business development, few leaders are ever properly trained in the art of maximizing the marketing, selling and client service activities of their lawyers.

To bridge that gap, we design and deliver customized Revenue-Focused Leadership Training and Coaching programs that give leaders the tools they need to inspire their lawyers into action. It is a practical, down-to-earth, laser-focused approach that shows leaders the tricks of the trade for getting lawyers to engage in more, and better, business development activity.

“As we began our journey through this pandemic, we knew it was critical to bring our leadership teams together and discuss our future. The only way to do that was to meet virtually, so we called on David Freeman. David designed and conducted two virtual sessions on how our leaders could improve revenue, and the results exceeded our expectations. We were very pleased with how easy it was to work with David remotely, and the long list of practical action steps we generated based on this process.”
Kelly Morgan, Chief Talent Officer, Thompson & Knight

Benefits of revenue-focused leadership

When leaders learn how to strengthen their revenue-focused skills, they can:

  • Develop more rainmakers
  • Improve collaboration within and between groups
  • Drive more cross-selling
  • Create greater engagement and accountability
  • Enhance the group’s brand
  • Attract more prospects and referral sources
  • Get lawyers to deliver higher levels of client service
  • Run high-impact, action-oriented meetings
  • Get more done, more quickly

One time is rarely enough

With all due respect to great trainers and intelligent leaders, one-time events rarely move the needle for driving sustained change. For that reason, we deliver ongoing workshops, designed to keep these vitally important skills top-of-mind and to support ongoing implementation.

Using videoconference technology, these virtual programs bring leaders together in a mastermind group to learn and discuss practical, proven ways to create a more vibrant and profitable culture of business development throughout their firm.

With over 40 topics to choose from, our sessions are designed to:

  • Sharpen leadership skills
  • Facilitate information sharing, brainstorming and peer coaching between leaders
  • Strengthen internal communication, collaboration and cross-selling
  • Elicit specific commitments for action
  • Create group accountability

Boost results with leadership coaching

While training plays an important role in leadership development, the real work begins after the workshops, when leaders must actively apply their lessons learned.

To support your leaders as they navigate their unique set of challenges and opportunities, we provide months of personalized, one-on-one leadership coaching which is designed to help them ingrain new skills, craft customized strategies, and implement tactics for moving their lawyers into action.

Let the transformation begin …

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